Welcome to the webpage of the CAP-NSERC Physics Liaison Committee (LC). The LC acts as an interface to the Canadian physics research community, operating at arm’s length from both the CAP and NSERC. Our primary focus is to identify, discuss and analyze opportunities that the Canadian physics research community could seize or build on, and challenges that it may face, in its quest to be at the forefront of research at the international level. In particular, we are identifying factors that are crucial for the success to date of Canadian physics, and making recommendations as to how the Canadian physics research community could build on its leading role on the international stage and improve the research climate for physics in Canada. This is based on quantitative analysis of factual information, which includes input received from the Canadian physics research community.

This website offers access to recent news concerning the LC’s activities, recent presentations by the LC and NSERC, relevant NSERC documents, and national and international reports concerning the status of Canadian physics. The current membership and terms of reference of the LC can be found in the About Us page.

We welcome your input on matters related to the LC’s activities. Please contact us at phys.cap.nserc@gmail.com

Rituparna Kanungo

Chair, CAP-NSERC Physics Liaison Committee