The LC invites the CAP community to submit the names of individuals for possible service on NSERC’s program-related standing committees and its various selection committees and panels – February 2016

Letter from the LC to the CAP community on the low response rate for Discovery Grant external reviews – January 2016

Presentation by LC Chair at the 2015 CAP Congress: Physics Impact Study and NSERC Research Partnership Program, Fellowships and Scholarships Program and Discovery Grant HQP metric – June 2015

Results of the Survey of Canadian Physics Departments presented at the 2014 CAP Congress – June 2014

The LC has invited the Chairs of physics departments to complete an online survey focusing on a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of Canadian physics research, as well as other questions regarding NSERC programs – October 2013

Letter from the LC to the Canadian physics community – June 2013

STIC releases report on “The State of the Nation 2012: Canada’s Science, Technology and Innovation System: Aspiring to Global Leadership” – May 2013

LC to meet, LC and NSERC presentations to be given at upcoming CAP Congress in Montréal – May 2013

NSERC announces 2013 Discovery Frontiers competition: Exploring Big Data – April 2013

John Dutcher, Chair of the LC, is invited to participate in the NSERC Round Table on the allocation of the Discovery Grants Budget – February 2013

NSERC announces preferred option for Research Tools and Instruments program – February 2013

NSERC review of CCA report entitled “Informing Research Choices: Indicators and Judgment” now closed – February 2013

LC provides feedback to NSERC concerning the CCA report entitled “Informing Research Choices: Indicators and Judgment” – February 2013

NSERC announces Discovery Grants program five-year review – January 2013

CAP and NSERC agree to new Terms of Reference for LC – December 2012